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Water Treatment Plant System Design and Installation for a Leading Cement Manufacturing Company

Project Overview

A leading cement manufacturing industry located in North-Western India was exploring a compatible designer and WTP system supplier for the treatment of 900 m3/day of challenging bore well water as feed.  They expected their supplier partner to be doing the Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery, Construction, Erection, and Commissioning of the water treatment package to produce boiler feed water.


  • Stringent boiler feed water parameters were required  So system reliability to deliver was a critical consideration.
  • While achieving the result, the customer was also interested in minimizing the usage of chemicals during day-to-day operations despite challenging feed water parameters.
  • Ambitious timelines to complete the plant at the site.


  • The trend of water parameters from the bore well was carefully analyzed to derive a suitable treatment scheme, which happened to be a combination of unit operations like Equalization, Clarification, Filtration, Membrane Filtration, and Demineralization. 
  • Major influencing parameters like Hardness level touching 320 ppm and TDS level of around 500 ppm, apart from traces of a good number of heavy metals as well as organics, along with a range of variations in the parameters remained consideration while designing the treatment system.
  • Stringent treated water parameters are established consistently, and the relevant team was offered insight as well as do’s and don’ts before handing over the system for regular use.
  • Timeline compliances were at the helm of the activity.


  • Sensitivity over the timeline for various activities delivered customer satisfaction.
  • The plant’s unique feature of its modular architecture allows the end user to maintain the systems without requiring a significant shutdown in the future.
  • Robust treatment scheme delivering the required objective consistently.
  • Extended timely technical support, thereby achieving customer satisfaction.