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Agricultural machinery and equipment experience it all – extreme temperatures, high humidity and extended dryness, dusty air, rough terrain, and exposure to chemicals – yet they are expected to operate reliably and efficiently. Tractors are a good example, in addition to operating in varied environmental conditions, they must perform well and exhibit good fuel efficiency. Hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured for their application help them to achieve desired results.

When it’s harvest time, machines like combines and harvesters must operate flawlessly for many hours, often non-stop. Their hydraulic cylinders are required to do the same. Agricultural sprayers are designed to provide the ground clearance and widths necessary for a variety of application possibilities, while also tolerating continuous exposure to fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. This is only possible when their cylinders are designed and manufactured for such operating conditions.

Wipro understands the needs of agricultural OEMs. Our design and manufacturing expertise allow us provide custom hydraulic cylinders with the high degree of specialization necessary for each agricultural application and environment.


  • Combines and Harvesters
  • Sprayers
  • Tractors
  • Tractor Implements
  • Planters

Leverage Our Experience, Technology and Innovation

Our engineering expertise and employment of advanced technology has won us a huge clientele across the world. A quality-focused culture helps us to continually supply our customers with reliable products for their tough working conditions. It is in our DNA to embrace new concepts and ideas, and continuously improve. Our innovative supply options help ensure customer needs are seamlessly met, even during unexpected demand changes. Our global, efficient design and manufacturing approach provides cost-effective and reliable products. Our dedication to quality, 40+ years of design and application expertise, and global cost-effective manufacturing makes Wipro one of the largest independent hydraulic cylinder manufactures in the world.

When you partner with Wipro you are assured of cost effective, high-quality products that help you stay ahead of competition.

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