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The tough extraction environment that can vary widely is a prime concern of the mining industry, where performance and reliability are high on the list of priorities. There is a need for hydraulic cylinders that are built to withstand extreme pressure, while ensuring safety and efficiency; our hydraulics play a huge role in making that possible.

At Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, our focus remains on ensuring that end-users can mine safely and productively. We present hydraulic cylinder solutions that aid in achieving best-in-class performance. Our products are built to withstand the extreme demands that are put on them. The design engineering capabilities that we possess allow us to offer the choice of perfect equipment built to stand up to tough working conditions, while delivering productivity.


  • Off-Highway Dump Trucks
  • Underground Mining Machines
  • Blast-Hole Drills
  • Mining Shovels and Draglines

Leverage Our Experience, Technology and Innovation

Our engineering expertise and employment of advanced technology has won us a huge clientele across the world. A quality-focused culture helps us to continually supply our customers with reliable products for their tough working conditions. It is in our DNA to embrace new concepts and ideas, and continuously improve. Our innovative supply options help ensure customer needs are seamlessly met, even during unexpected demand changes. Our global, efficient design and manufacturing approach provides cost-effective and reliable products. Our dedication to quality, 40+ years of design and application expertise, and global cost-effective manufacturing makes Wipro one of the largest independent hydraulic cylinder manufactures in the world.

When you partner with Wipro you are assured of cost effective, high-quality products that help you stay ahead of competition.

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