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Hydraulic Cylinders Engineered

for Tough Operating Environments

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders for some of the toughest applications and environments. We have developed a reliable approach to effectively translate the specifications laid down by our customers into efficient design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders meant for the most demanding conditions.

Our hydraulic cylinder design processes are driven by Six Sigma methodologies optimized by analytical and simulation tools like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using Ansys, Creo Simulate, etc. Wipro's product engineering is supported by 3D hydraulic modeling, design and product management tools such as PTC Creo and Windchill PDM to name a few.

Product Validation

Owing to our continuous R&D efforts, manufacturing and testing facilities as well as stringent application of performance and user requirements, we have developed capabilities to surpass international quality standards in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing.

We undertake effective product design verification and validation that cover material selection, application environment, duty cycles and life expectancy. Operating conditions are simulated to arrive at the best hydraulic design solutions. Test rigs are deployed to determine function, reliability and endurance of cylinders. Pulse testing, back-to-back testing, bell crank, steering simulation, forklift test simulation and high-temperature cycling are used extensively to test and improve the reliability of the cylinders.

Wipro has developed and deployed custom-designed test rigs to test the life and reliability of the products manufactured with the intent of achieving optimal design and superior value for the life of cylinders. We achieve this by leveraging the latest testing equipment at our facility. New prototypes developed are subjected to durability testing to validate designs, materials and workmanship. The result - assurance of product integrity from design to delivery. Tests include pressure pulse, side load, cushioning, performance and application simulation.

A well-equipped metrology lab supports quality control by ensuring periodic calibration of all measuring instruments and gauges. Special measuring instruments include surface finish and roundness testers, electronic and pneumatic comparators, ultrasonic flaw detector and electronic torque analyzers. Magnetic Particle Testing is leveraged for the detection of micro cracks and salt spray test chamber for corrosion resistance.

Our design engineering approach and focus on quality help OEMs across the world to add real value to their products. We forge strategic partnerships with our clients cutting across borders, spanning every imaginable sector. When it comes hydraulics, OEMs can comfortably cease looking beyond Wipro Infrastructure Engineering.

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