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Single and Double Acting Cylinders

Bore 25 - 500 mm
Stroke Up to 10,000 mm
Working Pressure Up to 400 bar

Telescopic Cylinders/ Truck Tipping Systems

Front End Tipping Up to 6 Stages Mounting Types Eye, Cover tube and Trunnion
Under Body Tipping 2 - 11 Stages Accessories for Kits Pumps, Valves, Tanks and Hoses
Application Tonnage Up to 100 T

Suspension and Hoist Cylinders

Tonnage Up to 100 T
Application Off-Highway Trucks and Gas Hydraulic System for Articulated Haulers

Industrial Hydraulics

Holistic custom designed complex and large systems/cylinders:

Bore ID 200-500 mm Stroke 2000-8000 mm
Rod OD 100-250 mm Operating pressure Up to 250 bar

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