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Wipro Infrastructure Engineering's approach to manufacturing is continuous improvement with constant benchmarking of processes against global standards. We are well equipped to meet growing customer demands. We achieve these by embracing new technologies, on-going modernization of production assets, and constant improvement of our work methods, processes, and systems.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art hydraulics manufacturing plant in Rm Valcea is well-equipped for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Capabilities include:

Piston Rod machining

  • CNC turning
  • MIG welding
  • CNC milling / Boring

Component machining

  • CNC turning
  • CNC drilling / milling

Tube machining

  • CNC turning / drilling
  • Orbital port welding
  • Skiving & Roller burnishing
  • Automatic tube/cec welding


  • Ultrasonic washing for Tube & Components
  • MIG welding
  • CNC milling / Boring

Assembly / Testing / Painting

  • Torquing and pre assembly stations
  • Assembly / Testing stations
  • Automatic and Manual painting lines

Piston Rod machining


Assembly and Testing

Cylinder Sizes

  • Bore: 15mm to 290 mm
  • Rod: 10mm to 220 mm
  • Stroke: Upto 10,000 mm

Preparation and Painting Process

At Wipro, we understand the importance of painting requirements, especially considering the harsh environment where sand, salts and corroding liquids are usual. It is for this reason that our products undergo an elaborate preparation and painting process:

  • Paint preparation: Five-stage wash and pre-treatment using eco-friendly zirconium. The process includes degreasing wash, application of conversion coating, clean-water rinse, and the application of sealer/rust preventative.
  • Painting: Spray process using two-part epoxy or urethane paint can be done on a primer coat depending on customer requirements. A controlled drying and curing oven is the final step in the process.
  • Packaging : We work with customers to design eco-friendly returnable dunnage that ensures optimal use of space during transportation, enabling cost savings on logistics.


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