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The hallmark of our cylinders is their performance and reliability. This is evident in their durability that results in lower maintenance. Highly responsive service support keeps downtime to the minimum. The Factor of Safety (FoS) for our cylinders are in the range of 3-4. Our cylinders undergo rigorous and extensive testing –Pulse, break away,side load,burst, dust ingress, water ingress, and endurance.

Range: 110 - 238 mm diameters

Tipping Capacity: 16 - 100 tonnes

Working pressure 250 bar

Diamond Front End Telescopic Cylinder

The design of the Diamond Front End Telescopic Cylinder has several features that deliver better performance, increase sturdiness and extend the cylinder's life.

  • The piston bearings of this cylinder are designed to withstand high compression and side loads. The bigger trunnion pins withstand high bending and shear loads
  • Special profile wipers prevent dust entry into the rams and a secondary sealing system keeps the rams leak free
  • High strength spring steel stoppers are used to withstand compressive and side loads
  • Wider piston bearings and rod guides help support the rams to take dynamic loads
  • An external stopper ring relieves load pressure at the stroke end and a positive lock on the rod eye threads, arrests loosening

Cover Type (DFC) Cylinder

The Cover Type Cylinder requires mounting on fixed (bottom) and floating (top) trunnions. The cylinders are sturdier and best suited for both short and long chassis tippers.

  • The floating trunnion allows tippers to handle torsional and side loads
  • The low mounting point and large span of mounting provides better buckling strength and a low centre of gravity which offers better stability
  • The combination of a fixed and floating trunnion helps manage side loads and misalignment in the mounting
  • The double trunnion helps increase the stability of the cylinder and the payload of the tipper body
  • The cylinder comes with shock absorbing rubber dampers

Eye Type (DFE) Cylinder

The Eye Type Cylinder with its trunnion mount at the bottom and rod eye mounting at the top is ideally suited for medium chassis tippers with inclined tipper bodies.

  • Mounting, assembly and disassembly can be managed with short turnarounds
  • The cylinder is manufactured with maintenance free steel on the PTFE spherical bearings to take care of misalignments to an extent
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Tipping Capacity: 1- 25 tonnes

Working pressure 230 bar

Wipro’s Under Body Tipping Cylinders are manufactured with high strength, precision tubes.

  • The cylinder rams are ground, polished and super finished
  • Specially developed high strength, fatigue resistant, high nodule count ductile iron pistons and end covers help enhance cylinder life and increase duty cycles
  • High life nitrile rubber seals are used to ensure durability
  • The use of self-lubricating non-metallic bushes at rod eyes and end covers helps reduce maintenance
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Wipro's Direction Control Valves (DCVs) come with different flow capacities and actuation - manual, pneumatic and solenoid. The valves have a well-designed flow path to minimise pressure drops across ports. This helps increase efficiency and improve durability of the tipping system. A stiff centering spring avoids stickiness of the spool allowing for smooth operations.

  • Compact and tamper proof relief system for system safety
  • High strength nodular iron valve block prevents damage to the valve
  • Hydrostatic balanced, multi-land support, hardened spool affords durability reduces wear and tear
  • Spools are designed to decrease internal leakage which in turn improves tipping efficiency
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Wipro's Cabin/Air Control Valves are used for direction control and the Power Take-Off (PTO) in tippers. The cabin control valve comes with a joy stick to control tipping, lowering, neutral, and PTO functions.

  • Front End Tipping - FET-3 position air control valves
  • Under Body Tipping - UBT-4 position air control valves
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Wipro offers customers an advantage with its high performance gear and axial pumps. The pumps we manufacture have high endurance and withstand high operating pressures. Our quality focus minimises maintenance and ensures reliability and long life.

Range: 60 - 100 cc

Working pressure 280 Bar

Wipro's low noise gear pumps are suitable for high-speed transmissions of Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and tip trailers. The bearing used withstands peak radial and thrust loads. Pressure plates help withstand peak pressure and the shaft seal system ensures no leakage. The pumps support bidirectional rotation, eliminating the need for a second pump.

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Range: 21 - 80cc

Volumetric Efficiency: 95%

The Axial Piston Pump’s high performance and efficiency, is ideal for Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCV) and long operations at high pressure. Compact with a simple modular construction, the pump has a minimum number of parts for easy assembly and service. Comprising of a spheroidal graphite pump casing, fatigue resistance shaft and kidney plate, the pump is rugged, built to withstand pressure spikes and resist wear. The heavy duty needle and taper roller bearings withstand side loads. Precision manufactured components ensure the required form, finish and working clearance, resulting in volumetric efficiency as high as 95%.

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Wipro manufactures a range of critical hydraulic elements that are ruggedized for localized operations. All adaptors and fasteners are zinc plated with trivalent yellow passivation to withstand 300 hours of salt spray and 200 hours of UV exposure.

Power Take Off’s (PTO)

Coaxial and parallel axis for all major gear boxes

Power Packs

12 and 24 volts with single and double acting operation

Hydraulic Tanks

All tanks are seam welded, powder coated and come with foot/strap mounting. Capacities range from 10 to 250 litres


Suction and pressure hoses are available in

  • 1/2''(0.5'')
  • 3/4''(0.75'')
  • 1''(1.0'')
  • 1-3/4''(1.75'')

Knock off valves

Pneumatic stroke limiters for Front End Tipper ranges


With metric and BSP threads

Body Lock

Primarily for front end tippers

Mounting Brackets

Casting bracket with non-metallic and SG bushing

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Tilt Sensor

MEMS Technology

AIS-004 (Part 3) certified for EMI/EMC by ARAI

IP65 certified

The Wipro Tilt Sensor System is designed to ensure safe operations of tippers, dump trucks and tip trailers. Most accidents that occur around tippers could be avoided. The Wipro tilt sensor system prevents tipping in unsafe conditions and deters unsafe unloading practices. The system also ensures lasting performance of the vehicle. Manufacturers recommend permissible vehicle tilt during tipping operation. A tilt switch mechanism makes it possible to maintain these safety parameters.


  • Prevents tipping system (cylinder) damage under heavy sideloads
  • Prevents damage to tipping body and hinges
  • Reduces strain on the vehicle, hence enhanced chassis frame and axle life
  • Works as a stroke limiter and avoids tipper butting pressure

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