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Wipro Infrastructure Engineering's approach to manufacturing is continuous improvement with constant benchmarking of processes against global standards. We are well equipped to meet growing customer demands. We achieve these by embracing new technologies, on-going modernization of production assets, and constant improvement of our work methods, processes, and systems.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art hydraulics manufacturing plant in Chambersburg is well equipped for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Capabilities include:

  • Machining of guides, pistons, rods, tubes, and valve blocks
  • Robotic and manual welding that meet the latest AWS Welding Specifications D1.1 & D14.9
  • Assembly using custom fixtures and tools
  • Final Hydraulic test at rated pressure (special test protocols available)
  • High-quality painting and packaging



Assembly and Testing

Preparation, Painting and Packaging

Paints are the first line of defense in harsh environments with sand, salt, and corrosive liquids – typical of our customers’ machine applications. It is for this reason that our products undergo a comprehensive cleaning, preparation and painting process.

  • Paint preparation: Three-stage wash and pretreatment using ecofriendly zirconium. The process includes degreasing wash, application of conversion coating, clean-water rinse, and the application of sealer/rust preventative.
  • Painting: An electrostatic spray process using two-part epoxy or urethane paint. Customers can specify a primer coat, a top coat, or both. We also offer the option of painting urethane over epoxy, or vice-versa. A controlled drying and curing oven is the final step in the process.
  • Packaging : We offer a variety of single-use and reusable packaging options. We do everything possible to ensure that our customers receive their cylinders in the best possible condition.




Value-Added Services

We offer several value-added services for cylinders produced by other Wipro manufacturing locations globally. These include:

  • Installation of brushings, valves and other external components - resulting in potential reductions in customer taxes and/or duties
  • Localized painting of cylinders imported as whole goods - providing the best possible paint quality
  • Custom and special repackaging - Reducing the possibility of damage in transit, and offering customers with potential cost/productivity improvements in receiving, handling, and storage
  • Final inspection and certification of products before shipment - ensuring the highest product quality

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Options

We offer OEMs localized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) options for both production and service hydraulic cylinders. Our custom-tailored VMI programs help our customers manage unexpected demand changes, reduce their inventories, and help them deal with other "non-perfect-world" events. Our quality assurance processes make certain that all VMI units have passed their required inspections and tests prior to being inventoried.

Our business approach covers all aspects of hydraulic cylinder design, testing, manufacturing, supply, service, and support – making Wipro the preferred partner of OEMs globally.

Pls contact us for cost effective, quality hydraulic cylinders that meet your requirements.

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