Construction & Earth Moving Equipment

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering's custom built hydraulic cylinder is the First Choice of leading OEMs for its ability to perform under harsh and demanding conditions on different Construction & Earthmoving Equipment. Our cylinders play a pivotal role in ensuring superior performance of the equipment and are essentially designed to withstand extreme conditions such as:

  • Temperature & Pressure Extremes
  • Abrasives
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Heavy continual use
  • Contamination

Construction & Earthmoving Applications

Hydraulic Excavator Cylinder – Wipro Infra


Our hydraulic cylinders work consistently on heavy construction equipment to effortlessly increase the productivity at demanding construction jobs.

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Alt tag: Backhoe Loader cylinder – Wipro Infra

Backhoe Loader

We started developing Backhoe Loader cylinders long back and through continuous up gradation of design features we have so far developed cylinders for more than 25 models of BHLs for various customers.

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Wheel Loader Cylinder – Wipro Infra

Wheel Loader

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Wheel Loader cylinders deliver superior productivity and performance which help our OEM partners get the best out of their equipment.

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Hydraulic Cylinder for Motor Grader –Wipro Infra

Motor Grader

Our broad range of Motor Grader cylinders are preferred by leading OEMs for their reliability, high-temperature & high-pressure resistance as well as convenience and easy maintenance.

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Hydraulic Cylinder for Dozers – Wipro Infra


Wipro Infrastructure Engineering offers custom engineered hydraulic cylinders for Dozer applications that are designed for unmatched reliability and long hours' on-the-field operation.

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Dumper Truck Hydraulic Cylinder – Wipro Infra


Our Dumper cylinders work efficiently on Dumper Truck Haulers performing earthmoving, mining, quarrying and other manifold functions in difficult terrains.

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