WIN – End to End Defence offerings

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering ( WIN ) leverages over two decades of experience and expertise in the area of precision engineering and machining, to support an entire value chain – Consulting, Product Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, System Integration, Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Services to develop Hydraulic Systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers in the domestic defence industry.

With strong R & D capabilities, cutting edge infrastructure & in-house IT services to strengthen delivery, WIN has supported OEMs during the product development cycle, in several mission critical projects:

Some of these include

  • Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher ( PINAKA)
  • Bhima - Bomb Loading Trolley/ Fork for IAF
  • Floating Bridge & Ferry System
  • Mobile Antennae Retraction System
  • The launch platform is levelled by sensor controlled outrigger cylinders
  • Missile Launching Platforms

WIN Support to OEMs

Much of current defence strength lies in backend support. WIN, with its advanced technology, specialized skills, functional knowledge and strong quality compliance has worked closely with the OEMs through various stages of product life cycle to provide domestic defence systems with high end products & services:

Concept to detailed design: WIN has executed multiple mission-critical projects from concept to detailed designs of complete Hydraulic Systems. This includes supporting the product life cycle starting from R & D to design, software, electronic hardware and mechanical engineering to system assembly, certification and testing.

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Journey So Far

Prototyping: WIN has developed prototypes for several projects involving:

Life Support – To deliver satisfactory customer experience, WIN has enabled a combination of IT, IS and Engineering based technologies that support solutions that extend across the entire product life cycle. WIN’s support to OEMs extend through the service life of our products/systems.

Land defence Systems

Domestic and International Defence will have increasing dependency on systems that support tenants of ground warfare. Components of the highest quality for integration into high performance precision instruments will play a key role here. WIN plans to leverage its competencies in precision designing and machining, hydraulic and hydro pneumatic components and systems to introduce products/ systems for land defence systems such as:

WIN offers deep capabilities, domain knowledge in precision machining, manpower and managerial resources, access to the Indian market and global business practices.


Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL)

Features and Functions

Power Unit and Cylinders which enable auto leveling and firm rigging on the ground, before firing of rockets.

Hydraulic Power Unit which is highly advanced and developed, comprising Solenoid Operated Proportional Valves and Load Control Valves.


  • Launch platform which is levelled by sensor controlled outrigger cylinders
  • 4 cylinders (2 in the front and 2 in the rear)which rig up the platform and hold firmly (within minutes of accuracy) for release of missiles
  • Valve system with regeneration
  • Load control valves for position accuracy

Antenna Retraction Servo System (ARSS)

Features and Functions

Specially designed cylinders, including telescopic cylinders to lift multi-stage antenna platform, and hold with near zero creep and hydraulically powered retraction

Bomb Loading Fork

Features and Functions

  • Fork which is very smooth, hydrostatically driven and steered to lift and load bombs onto the aircraft
  • Combines a proportionally controlled Hydraulic System - comprising pump, motor, orbitrol and cylinder

Amphibious Floating Bridge & Ferry System (AFFS)

Features and Functions

  • 24 types of Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Special surface treatment
  • Various sections of the unit that can be opened by cylinders to form a bridge

Mobile Launcher

Features and Functions

Specially designed Out Rigger Cylinders with mechanical lock to align the platform and provide firm grip during launch of missiles