• Front Suspension cylinder
  • Rear Suspension cylinder
  • Hoist cylinder
  • Steering cylinder
  • Cylinders for various payload capacities ranging from 35 tons - 100 tons.
  • Robust construction for extreme usage in Off Highway conditions.
  • High strength material for Tubes & Rods for tough mining applications.
  • Tubes of burnished bore up to 0.1Ra surface finish for better durability of Seal life
  • Robotic welding of tube - Cap & Rod - eye for consistent weld seam and better quality.
  • Finer surface finish less than 0.15Ra on piston rod for better durability of Seal life
  • Superior quality hard chrome plating on rod to meet ASTM B117 -96 Hrs for better corrosion resistance
  • Friction welded rod-eye joints for steering cylinders for durable joint life
  • Exclusive testing rigs each type of cylinders and 100% testing.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning facility for components and sub-assemblies for better cleanliness of parts
  • Cylinders with cleanliness level to meet ISO 16/13 for better performance & improved service life.
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