Farm & Agriculture Cylinders

Wipro's cylinders find prominence among global manufacturers of Farm & Agricultural Machinery. The steering cylinders are designed to reduce manual effort in steering tractors during haulage or farming operations. We provide cost effective cylinders to major Tractor and Axle manufacturers in Asia and Europe.

Wipro established its operation in Brazil through the acquisition of RKM Equipamentos Hidraulicos, a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Brazil.

R.K.M has more than 4 decades of experiences in designing and manufacturing cylinders primarily for the Agriculture and Construction Equipment segment. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in the industrial district of Piracicaba, about 150 kms from Sao Paulo, southeastern Brazil. Agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors being major contributors, Brazilian economy is ranked high among all the South American countries and has attracted global construction equipment manufacturing leaders like CAT, JCB, Volvo, etc.

We manufacture cylinders for all applications

  • Harvester(Sugar cane, Coffee and Grain)
  • Sprayers
  • Planters
  • Tractor ( Steering and attachment cylinders) and Tractor implements
  • Sugar cane transporters
Farm & Agriculture Cylinders - Wipro Infra Farm & Agriculture Cylinders - Wipro Infra Farm & Agriculture Cylinders - Wipro Infra Farm & Agriculture Cylinders - Wipro Infra
  • Robust designs for severe usage conditions
  • High strength material for Tubes, Rods, hydraulic pipes for tough applications
  • Burnishing on tube ID for durable seal life
  • Finer Rod surface finish up to 0.2 Ra for durable seal life
  • High corrosion resistance for rod plating up to 72 hrs. (NSS).
  • Robotic welding for tube-flange
  • Smooth cushioning/dampening on both ends of cylinder stroke in some cylinders
  • Special cylinders of Aluminum( Auto tracker), Transducers, Magnetic seals and with inbuilt valves