Forestry Equipment

  • Forwarder Crane (6-16 tm)
  • Harvester Crane (10-15 tm)
  • Loader Crane (8-15 tm)
  • Grapples (0,3m2 - 0,5m2)
  • Harvesting Heads (500 mm – 700 mm)
* tm (Tonne*metre)
  • These cylinders are equipped with sealing system for precise movement with high speed.
  • They have surface treatment where the corrosion resistance is specified at different levels.
  • The cylinders are verified for very hard use in 3-shift operation in extreme environment.
  • Different cylinder types are Inner/Outer Boom cylinders, Extension cylinders, Support legs, Slewing cylinders, Grapple cylinders, Harvesting Head cylinders.
  • Every product is thoroughly validated in R&D labs with focus on fatigue requirements and external loads.
  • The manufacturing architecture is adapted to varieties of cylinders with a high degree of flexibility.
Forestry Equipment - Customers

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