Front End Telescopic cylinders

We offer full range of hydraulic tipping solutions for Rigid Tippers and Tip Trailers. Our designs have evolved with vast experiences from European and Indian design team. Wipro "Wet Kit" which include all the key components like Tipping cylinder, Pump, Valve, Oil Tank, Mounting Brackets and other accessories that are needed for hydraulic system on a Tipping Truck. Wipro and Wipro-Nummi range of Front-end and Underbody Tipping Kits are preferred the world over by OEMs and Truck owners for vehicles up to 70 Ton capacity.

Front End Tipping

Front End Tippers have their load body hinged at the rear of the chassis, but are tipped by telescopic cylinders from the front of the body between the driver cabin and front of the body.

  • Designed for reliable performance and validated for wide applications
  • Tipping kits for vehicles ranging from 16Ton GVW to 70Ton GVW
  • Offers wide variety of mounting to cover different type of body configuration
  • Standardized mounting dimensions for easy interchangeability with other reputed makes
  • Simple design construction for easy serviceability

Telescopic cylinder features

  • High strength precision tubes, outer rams ground, polished & chrome plated
  • High-strength fatigue resistant cap, rod eyes and higher diameter Trunnion
  • Specially developed high strength, high modular count ductile iron piston bearing, pistons and end covers
  • Shock resistant, dampening high strength ductile stopper
  • Robust polyurethane seals and wipers
  • Heavy duty rod guides and spherical bearings with PTFE liners

D- Series Front End Telescopic cylinders

Wipro D-series tipping units are designed with advanced specifications based on extensive field survey for reliable performance in wide applications.

  • The design has evolved with the vast experience from European and Indian design team.
  • The D-series range of tipping units is available in various sizes for vehicles ranging from 16Ton GVW to 70Ton GVW.
Front end Telescopic Cylinders – Wipro Infra

Front End Tipping System Elements

Front Tipping System,Pump – Wipro Infra


Fixed displacement Axial Piston Pump
- WAP 330
- WAP 430
- WAP 625
- WAP 431
Front Tipping System, Valve – Wipro Infra


Pneumatic operated
- Valve-single / double acting
- Limiter Valve (stroke)
Front Tipping System, Cylinder – Wipro Infra


- Single acting Telescopic
- Double acting (single stage)
Front Tipping System, Accessories – Wipro Infra


Tank, Filler Breather, Filters, Strainers, Body lock etc.

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