Mining techniques can be classified into two types of excavation - Surface Mining and Sub-surface (underground) Mining. This segment consists multiple equipment like Haulage, Tunneling, Drill and Rock Drills. Wipro is closely associated with global leaders like Sandvik and Atlas Copco for delivering hydraulic cylinders suited to their various Mining equipment.

As the application is severe, and safety being the primary requirement, Wipro's deep expertise in hydraulic cylinder's domain and partnership with global OEMs in design and execution constitute the key to our success.

  • Underground Loaders (3 - 15 Tonnes)
  • Drill Rigs (38 mm – 203 mm)

Types of Underground Loaders Cylinders

  • Loader hauler Stab cylinder
  • Hoist cylinder, Steer cylinder
  • Puch-plate cylinder
  • Tow hook cylinder
  • Suspension cylinder
  • Tailgate cylinder
  • Dump cylinder
  • Cabtilt cylinder

Types of Drill Rig Cylinders

  • Boom lift cylinder
  • Break out jaw cylinder
  • Boom extension cylinder
  • Rod gripper cylinder
  • Rod transfer cylinder
  • Break out wrench cylinder
  • Sleeve retainer cylinder
  • Suctions hood cylinder
  • Drill steel support cylinder
  • Feed cylinder
  • Feed dump cylinder
  • Gripper cylinder
  • Magazine gate cylinder
  • Mining cylinders are equipped with sealing system for precise movement, and have a very robust design in order to handle both the environment with rocks and stone hitting the cylinders as well as the external loads in the application.
  • These cylinders are tested for extreme environmental conditions as they are all exposed to highly corrosive environment.
  • Every product is thoroughly validated in R&D labs with focus on endurance requirements.
  • The manufacturing architecture gives the high degree of flexibility needed for this application area.
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