Under Body Tippers

Under Body Tippers have their load body hinged at the rear to the chassis. They are tipped using telescopic cylinders, which are mounted on the middle of the chassis. Sometimes a pair of telescopic cylinders (double jack) is often used to tip depending on the load carrying capacity of the Tipper.

  • Full range of Under-body tipping kits for vehicles ranging from 1 Tonne GVW to 25 Tonnes GVW
  • Simple design construction for easy serviceability
  • Offers single and double acting cylinders
  • Lightweight cylinders

Under Body Tippers – Wipro Infra

Single Jack Under Body system

Single Jack under Body system – Wipro Infra

Double Jack Under Body system

Double Jack under Body system – Wipro Infra

Single/Double Jack Under Body system with pneumatically operated Control valve.

Single/Double Jack under Body system – Wipro Infra

Under Body Tippers Elements

Under Body Tipper, Pump – Wipro Infra


Fixed displacement Axial Piston Pump
WAP 330
WAP 430
WAP 625
WAP 531
WAP 431
Under Body Tipper, Valve - Wipro Infra


Manual operated Linear Spool
- Pneumatic operated
- Valve-single / double acting
- Limiter Valve (stroke)
Under Body Tipper, Cylinder - Wipro Infra


Double acting Telescopic (all stages)
Single acting Telescopic
Double acting (single stage)
Under Body Tipper, Accessories - Wipro Infra


Tank, Filler Breather, Filters, Strainers

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