State-of-the-art Laboratory to support R&D efforts

Through continuous R&D efforts, and the use of sophisticated manufacturing and testing facilities, we have developed the capability to match international quality standards and meet stringent user requirements thus empowering us to become the preferred partner for major OEMs' hydraulic cylinder needs.

Products Tested in our Laboratory

  • Cylinders
  • Pumps
  • Valves & Filters
  • Hoses
  • PTOs

Built to Last

In keeping with global requirements, periodic process checking is undertaken to ensure the reliability of critical processes such as hard chrome plating, welding and heat treatment. Our plating quality is routinely qualified to meet the extremely stringent CASS test specification of Japanese OEMs. Friction welding has raised the reliability of the welding process.

Prototype Testing

We deploy custom designed test rigs to test the life and reliability of the products manufactured. New prototypes developed are subjected to durability testing to check the validity of designs, materials and workmanship. Specially developed test rigs include:

  • Back to Back Stroke durability test rig
  • Mid stroke Pressure pulse test rig
  • Tipper simulation test rig
  • Slurrey Test rig.
  • Tilt cylinder test rig
  • Bell crank lever type test rig

Types of Tests

  • Pressure pulse Durability
  • Stroke Durability
  • Side Load
  • Cushioning
  • Performance
  • Simulation

Few of the Test rigs shown below

Power packs capacity from .5hp to 100hp.


Pressure Pulse Test Rig


Slurry Test

Slurry Test – Wipro Infra

Stroke Durability

Stroke Durability – Wipro Infra

Simulation Testing (FET & UBT)


Simulation (Cabin Tilt)

Simulation (Cabin Tilt) – Wipro Infra

Side Load Test

Side Load Test – Wipro Infra

Cushioning performance measurement setup

Cushioning performance measurement setup

PTO Test

PTO Test – Wipro Infra

Other test set-ups

  • Tractor steering cylinder testing
  • Tank testing
  • Valve testing
  • Pump testing
  • Seal endurance test
  • Wiper wear and efficiency test
  • Bearing wear test
  • Cabin valve test unit
  • Hose and pipe test
  • Tube and pipe burst test
  • Hot, cold soak test
  • Shape optimization for casting/forgings
  • O-ring test
  • Corrosion test rig
  • Creep and leakage test rig

Metrology Lab

A well-equipped metrology lab supports the Quality control department by ensuring periodic calibration of all measuring instruments and gauges.

Special Testing Devices

Special measuring instruments include a surface finish tester, roundness tester, electronic and pneumatic comparators, ultrasonic flaw detector, electronic torque analyzer etc.

Magnetic Particle Tester (MPT) for detection of micro cracks and a salt spray test chamber for corrosion check (e.g. of plated rods) are some of the testing equipment used routinely.

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