Manufacturing Capabilities

We strive towards improvement, constantly benchmarking against global standards in manufacturing and scaling up production to meet the growing global demand.

Some of the major processes undertaken include

Tube Welding

  • Fully automated Robotic welding machines are used.
  • Welding quality and joint life is consistent with precisely controlled processes.
  • Also, the process ensures adequate strength of the joint to endure demanding operating conditions.
Tube Welding – Wipro Infra
Rod Heat Treatments – Wipro Infra

Rod Heat Treatments

  • Energy efficient green technology is deployed for heat treatment of piston rods.
  • Selective and total heat treatment options are available.
  • 100% repetitive quality and performance levels are achieved by PLC based control systems and advanced heating elements.

Induction Hardening

  • Offers hard working surface for meeting harsh environment requirements.
  • Process controls enable to achieve minimum distortion and internal stresses for long life of Piston rods.
Induction Hardening – Wipro Infra
Grinding – Wipro Infra


  • Advanced high through-put Center less belt grinding technology with online quality monitoring offers excellent dimensional accuracies.
  • Surface finish offered by this process enhances corrosion resistance performance of piston rods.

Friction Welding

  • Offers best metal joining process and joint strength.
  • Precisely controlled parameters offer 100% failure proof joint.
  • A range of materials can be welded accurately with the parameters developed in-house.
Friction Welding – Wipro Infra
Super Finishing – Wipro Infra

Super Finishing

  • Piston rods are subjected to special finishing processes for extended seal life and corrosion resistance.
  • Process is flexible to offer different levels of Corrosion resistances as per NSS, CASS, and AASS protocols.

Part Washing

  • Fully automated ultrasonic and combo washing technologies offer 25mg / sq.m level or better for parts' cleanliness.
  • Washing process is critical to cylinder life and hence accurately controlled PLC based controllers.
Part Washing – Wipro Infra
Cylinder Assembly – Wipro Infra

Cylinder Assembly

  • Semi automatic and fully automatic lines in well-established clean rooms.
  • Precise Torque controls using high end torquing devices ensure assembly integrity.
  • Multiple lines are available to cater to different applications.

Cylinder Testing

  • Automatic testing which executes test protocols as per
    Customer specifications or as per WIN standards.
  • NAS 7 level cleanliness is maintained in the testing line.
  • Traceability and performance tracking are in-built in the line.
  • Cylinders are subjected to high pressure static and cyclic tests
    to ensure trouble free performance in the field.
Cylinder Testing – Wipro Infra
Burnishing – Wipro Infra


  • State of the art Skiving and roller burnishing machines are used to get high accuracy and surface finish of the tubes.
  • The process parameters and technology ensures enhanced performance of seals.

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