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Wipro Infra Engineering consistently bench marked against the global hydraulic manufacturers thus bringing about a culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to unmatched quality of product and services. Strict quality standards, constant updating and improvement in systems ensure that our customers receive the best product quality. Emphasis on Quality systems has enabled us to receive the QS-9000 certification besides the ISO-9001 certification.

The approach to manufacturing has been to integrate Quality into the processes to achieve Consistency, Reliability and Quality in our products. Our manufacturing facilities are certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

To ensure that our valued customers get only the best, final acceptance of products is based on 100% testing. In an effort to further upgrade our organization's quality levels and to augment our customer satisfaction levels, we have in place a robust vendor Quality system and selection process. Quality of our cylinders is demonstrated through Chrome plating with corrosion resistance measuring up to CASS 9.5 rating and cylinder cleanliness of NAS level 7 or better.

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We at Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, Manufacturers of Hydraulic cylinders and Truck Hydraulics systems, will strive to create a clean environment...

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I have been with Wipro Infrastructure Engineering AB for around 3 years now - 2 years as local Quality and Environmental Manager for the Ljungby plant and 1 year as Head of Product Quality - Europe.

– Martina Erdman